Robin Luebs Children's Book Author & Illustrator
Robin Luebs sittng at the drawing board in her studio

Deborah RuddellAnd Debby? She grew up to be the amazing children’s poet, Deborah Ruddell, author of the critically acclaimed (and hilarious) poetry collections, Today at the Bluebird Café, and A Whiff of Pine, A Hint of Skunk. I’ve had the ultimate thrill of illustrating her adorable picture book, Who Said Coo? Read all about her at




      y first studio was on our front porch, where my mom set up a card table with paint-by-number sets for my twin sister Debby and me. It was a long time ago, when no one thought a thing about letting little kids paint with real oil paints.

I don’t remember how the paintings turned out, but I clearly remember Mom shooing the neighborhood kids off the porch so we could paint in peace. I had the impression that we were doing important, serious work, at least in our mom’s eyes. We were artists.

Now I have my own house, with a small second-floor studio in Urbana, Illinois. I’m having the time of my life writing and illustrating books for children. These days, I paint safely with acrylics, though.